Saturday, March 8, 2008

Test Promotion

I haven't used powerpoint much before this but I wanted to see how it can be an effective marketing tool.

The basic idea at the beginning was to take some engaging images and link them in a way that tells a mini story.

The Famous By Morning catch phrase "It's OK to look" was the central theme and the brief I gave myself was to link two images one after the other.

Now this particular one is taking on the old theme 'sex sells'. Using images of male models in various states of dress and...well... not.

It is also a test on how well a guy can pick images of others guys that he thinks women will find attractive.... if that makes sense.

There is also the possible negative aspects or mis-interpretation of the message in that the site is about dating or an adult related theme.

Then I thought... hey what the heck, any publicity is good publicity right...

Here's the link below:

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