Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Build Motocross Jumps

The hardest part about building motocross jumps is GETTING THE DIRT!

I hired a bobcat so that was easy. (Tried using a shovel and that would take forever!). Also I hired the bobcat from a rental centre that gave you Sunday free so I only paid for Saturday.... AND... I did it on a long weekend so I got the Monday free as well!

Back to the dirt...

I was lucky I guess. Next door to my parents place a construction company was excavating for an artificial lake.

So I spoke to the foreman and for a crate of beer (the universal tender) I got three scraper loads of dirt dumped in my dad's paddock!

But if you don't have building works next door there are some other ways to get access to dirt.

Check it out here:

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