Friday, January 11, 2013

AMA Supercross 2013 - Round 1, Anaheim 1

The 2013 450 AMA Supercross class is absolutely stacked with stars, fast riders, young upstarts and an amazing come-back rider.

Of the five supercross riders touted to be up front on press day - Villopoto, Reed, Dungey, Stewart and Barcia, only one of them made the podium and that was not even the top step!

The days supercross racing was top stuff from the 250 heats through to the 450 main leaving the crowd thrilled and champing at the bit for round 2!

It was great to see the eventual winner congratulated by practically all the riders as they passed him and he proves that all the hard work done off the track in the pre-season really comes to the fore on race day.

To see the full Anaheim 1 Supercross 2013 for yourself click on the link below:

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