Monday, December 29, 2008

Mr Mom, Sand Castles and 'One Liners'

Meditation and children being silent are not a symbiotic relationship! The energy transmitted off one far outweighs that of the other so...

I took the kids to the beach where there was a display of sandcastles.

And not your ordinary sandcastles... we're talkin about a full on Jurassic experience... but it cost $30 for the three of us and I only had $20 in my wallet.

Yes attempts were made to pass the kids off as being under four years old, but alas, no joy.

So we went for a walk along the beach and out on the pier.

After peering over the side of the jetty and seeing no fish about my son turned to me and said:

"hey dad, you know that saying 'there are plenty of other fish in the sea'?... curse that saying!"

I can see video ideas coming from my boy in the future! He can finally pay his way :P

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