Thursday, May 29, 2008

HD Video

I haven't been doing much filming lately, one excuse was that my digital camcorder wasn't good enough.

Most of my stuff ends up in flash format on youtube or the like so just as long as the lighting and audio is good I can make do with my trusty Sony trv-19.

But... if I was to get a new camcorder i've been investigating the new digh definition formats, hard disk drive and dvd camcorders.

What is putting me off HDD and dvd camcorders is that they compress the video (granted it's minimal) but I still like mini-dv and the opportunity to have the best avi files possible on my pc so I can then output it as I want.

Also the new camcorders are very small. I like the feel of a larger camcorder and they are more stable when shooting 'freehand'.

So I am also looking at older 3ccd models.

Will let you know what I come up with. Feel like eating a mandarin now for some reason...

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