Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Youtube Video Success - Amazing Physical Feats

Over 20 million views and 33,000 + comments, "Urban Ninja" is a video of one very athletic, very talented young man.

The skill in scaling a wall, using an adjacent building to climb another and even forming a path in his mind that will take him to his goal is quite intriguing to watch.

So tip number 8 for topping youtube video is video's of amazing physical feats.

Here's how the creator describes himself:

"Through suffering and hardship, sacrifice and perseverance, i
am what i am today. Strong in mind, body and spirit. Confident in
myself and proud of the things I've accomplished. I am open
minded and aware of the people and things around me and
although I am somewhat of an anti-hero, beneath my tough
exterior lies compassion for my fellow man. I've learned to
appreciate life and to live it the best way i possibly can."

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