Sunday, May 25, 2008

How To Create Viral Video - Silly Animated Stories

Over 22 million views and 58,000 + comments, "Charlie The Unicorn" is an animated video about a unicorn and his adventure to 'Candy Mountain'.

It has a story to it (including a surprise at the end). It appears to be something dreamed up after a heavy night of working too closely with modelling glue.

"I dont even know why I like this so much. It's addictive, I watch it ALL the time. Its so weird and wonderful and wacky, kinda screwed up, but hilarious all the same "

"This is the funniest video ever!!!!! I want to go to Candy Mountain!!!!! Joyness!!!! ...

Leopluradon looks like stuff you get in the old HappyMeals ...

omg i have seen this like so many times and when ever i see it it cracks me up!!! "

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