Saturday, January 31, 2009

Got To Get Back To Running...

I say that a lot... "Got to get back to..."

It is one of my "patterns" that I'm learning about in my journey of self discovery.

I've said it before with my video hobby, running and even this website. I start to do a task with the best intentions and a great committment initially then lose motivation, interest or passion.

It is apparently my 'sub-conscious programming' to not succeed, not appear successful because successful people are aggressive. I want to appear passive.

A pattern imbedded in me from childhood. A pattern I'd like to and am making conscious efforts to break.

Growth is about learning and changing, if we don't grow we stagnate and die.

Meditation is another thing i'd like to stick at and become successful doing.

Here is part 7 in the 'How to Meditate' series:

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