Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meditation For Beginners

Another blog, another topic.

Generally a blog should have a theme, follow a particular line of thinking that will attract readers and give them a sense of certainty and eagerness to return.

My blog follows a line of thinking... unfortunately, it is MY line of thinking.

That is jumping from topic to topic. Not always sticking through to the end of a subject and being easily distracted by something shining over to the side.

Today... we don't have running, video or becoming famous.

We have a new page on famousbymorning on meditation.

It is topical to me, particularly with what I have just written about, as it is all about calming the mind.

I found a better video post on meditation for beginners by Jane by the embedding link is turned off.

This one is lighthearted tho so an interesting watch:

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