Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inspirational Video... And a Funny Story

On a positive note, the latest page I put on the site is a video of Randy Pausch.

He was a lecturer in the US who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his last lecture to his students and collegues was filmed.

He discusses in an upbeat and positive way how we can live our life and fulfill or dreams. A very good watch.

On a lesser note:

Have you heard the saying "Does a bear s#!t in the woods?"... Well i know of this guy who was running and found halfway through his trip he had to do that thing that bears do in the woods!

Running along the beach, thankfully no houses or people around a decision was made.
To drop drawers and commune with nature!

Problem number two (pardon the pun) was that there was nothing soft around to wipe after the event...

Embarassment number two was using the sea to cleanse ones backside... then to look up an see a yacht moored in the bay!!!! DOH!

Then running home with tail well an truly between the legs...

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