Saturday, October 29, 2011

Self Esteem is Part of the Success Jigsaw

How do you become a success in any endeavour you choose?

Some say it's a "lucky break", others think it might be your connections or environment... maybe your level of intelligence or education.

It's not just one thing. Let me clarify that... it's not just one "external" thing.

Becoming a success requires a combination of a number of factors such as...

Having a goal

In anything you do your mind needs a "reason why" and the better this reason the easier it will be to go for the goal.

High self esteem

Feeling good about yourself and having a high level of self confidence are more fuel for your success fire.

High Energy

If your energy is low, your feeling sick or in pain you don't want to do anything. A healthy body, healthy mind means high energy to put towards your task.


If your mind is jumping from one thought to another, distracting you from the "now" it is near impossible to get anything done or at least done well. So bringing your focus back to center is another piece of the success puzzle.

Positive Thinking

We are back to 'self talk' here. It's ok to question things, but it needs to be done in a way that is empowering and moves you forward.

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