Sunday, December 20, 2009

Self Improvement Hypnosis Cds

Hypnosis is not something to be feared or seen just as entertainment. Psychologists know that hypnosis can access parts of your sub-conscious that you may not even know about.

We are basically slaves to our beliefs if we are living 'semi-consciously' and not living by choice or inspiration.

Self improvement is more about self discovery or more accurately the discovery of your 'true' self.

Gayle Glassner Twersky has created a set of cds designed to reprogram your subconscious by hypnosis. Click below for a review:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Self-hypnosis cds for Self-confidence

I have been doing a lot of study lately on the workings of the mind.

Discovering how our day-to-day thoughts that we think are right are actually just opinions at best and we think they are "our" opinions.

But if you go into their origins they are not really ours in the first place. It can be something your mom or dad said over and over again or things you heard from teachers or religious leaders as you were growing up.

So I wanted to be able to assess and if required, re-write these opinions to something more supportive to me and the future path I want to travel on.

One of the things I came across was a set of cds designed to reprogram your subconscious. Click below for a review:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Benefits of Meditation

Sitting - images of the 'lotus posture' may put people off (particularly those with bad knees), but it is not entirely necessary. Sitting upright and straight, but not rigidly erect in a position you can comfortably maintain for a long period.

Breathing - in through the nose and out through the nose. Not forcing the breath in any way. Be comfortable, be natural.

Mind Training - as a beginner you will find calming the mind to be the biggest obstacle. Simple techniques of counting breaths or relaxing body parts to the exclusion of everything else is a useful tool until you can do it naturally.

The benefits of meditation to improve your mood has been increasing in popularity in Western countries, and as high stress levels are a problem with many modern workplaces, what better subject to investigate than one that helps people relax.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Impact Of Media On Women's Self Esteem

As a father of a young girl, the video on the page below is kind of sad to watch. How can we instill the wisdom of Solomen, the pride of a lion and unbreakable self esteem into our precious little ones?:

The Impact Of Media On Self Esteem

I was wondering what to write for this new page I put up... then it developed into a bit of a lecture:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top Ten Relaxation Techniques For Children and Doing Habits

Looking recently over my stats I see that I haven't been blogging or doing much else online for a while.

I made a lot of excuses and put up some very convincing arguments as to why I hadn't blogged or created webpages or written any articles, but in reality... had just developed a habit.

A habit of not doing anything.

Here is my top ten relaxation techniques for children:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ten Technique For Relaxation

Do you ever take the time to slow down and relax? Do you even know how to relax if you want to?

Relaxing is really a mental thing.

Your mind creates drama's and dilemmas as it trys to distract you from harm (it percieves as being harm).

So most relaxation techniques are designed to trick the mind into focussing on a minimal number of thoughts at the one time.

Here is my top ten technique for relaxation:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dog Relaxation CD

We now have a puppy!

A Golden Retriever... a very handsome golden retriever.

It's amazing how relaxing a pet can be in those calm moments when you sit together and pat his fluffy coat.

But there is also a need to keep control and keep him calm.

I found a few samples of dog relaxation cd s:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dirt Bike Girls... Two Favourites Together at Last!!

Gotta love what some people search for online.

Dirt bikes and girls... girls and dirt bikes.... ahhhh can you think of anything better?

This video has some Big jumping and some tiny bikinis.

A great video from transworld motocross with dirt bikes and girls:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vintage Dirt Bikes & Steam Trains

I was out in the backyard with Finn (my dog) when I heard a steam whistle...

"what the..."

I thought I was imagining it at first, but it isn't Christmas so Polar Express wasn't due.

It was a steam train taking passengers on joy-rides down a normal suburban line.

What was cool was seeing an old time steam train from the porch of my 1914 Edwardian house.

A nice link to vintage dirt bikes:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Invented The Dirt Bike?

Fish... Pokemon and Steam Trains...

That's right, a steam train just wqent by my house!

No it's not Christmas and it wasn't the Polar Express. We have a train line opposite my house and although it's usually fairly quiet with the electric suburban trains, Once a year it's a buzz to hear the "choof choof" and whistle of the steam train doing a special run!

Off to get more fish, plants and a tank cleaner for the fish tank and for my son to log into a pokemon link to get a secret code.

And I ponder... just who invented the dirt bike?:

Free Online Dirt Bike Games and a Purring Kitten

As I sit here typing out this blog I could swear i'm at a motocross track right now!

I have our kitten sleeping next to me and purring so loudly it has me thinking I need to 're-pack' his muffler.

Ouch... doesn't that thought bring tears to your eyes...

Free Online Dirt Bike Games... doesn't anyone want to pay now-a-days??:

James Stewart Motocross and a "Corkie"

Played football last Sunday and we came through a gruelling and physical match with a win in the end.

It's an over 35's league where the rules are toned down a little to minimize injuries for the fragile and ageing bodies of us 'older fellas'...(yeah yeah I hear the violins playing now).

A couple of the rules are no slinging a person in a tackle and no knees up while taking a mark, so...

how did i end up getting a knee in my thigh that has me hobbling around like a wounded soldier on rememberence day??!!??

Hmmmmmm who knows? All in good fun though ;)

James Stewart Motocross... just sounds like bad grammar to me:

Friday, June 19, 2009

And Now It's Dirt Bike Games Online

I realy should keep a notepad and a pen with me at all times! Had an idea today for an article and do you think I can remember now what it was?

I do that a lot. I'm not talking about documenting EVERY single thought... apparently we have up to 60,000 a day... just the ones that are relevant to my general 'stream of consciousness' at the moment.

I get different thoughts in some odd places, in the car, in the toilet, while swimming or running... going to be hard writing things down while doing the last two!

Same thing as before just written differently:

Online Dirt Bike Games

How many ways can you say the same thing?

When it comes to online dirt bike games... apparently lots!

free online dirt bike games, online dirt bike games... for free. Take off the 'free' and it's dirt bike games online.

I don't know how lists of search phrases are compiled, but it's amazing to think at times that 800 people in one day can search for exactly the same thing using exactly the same words!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free Dirt Bike Games and Inspiration

I found a cool dirt bike game while searching for content for a webpage. Not an easy one to play either. Fun though.

And the inspiration? I came up with an idea for a motivation/meditation/inspirational type tool to keep (myself initially) people moving forward and reaching their full potential.

And because i like to change topics... if you like online games, try this one:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dirt Bike Helmets and a Punch in the Eye

Played footy today. Was in the backline and we kept the opposition down to only two goals while we got 16!

The conditioning i've been doing is paying dividends now.

When getting yourself a helmet, don't be cheap and don't rush:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dirt Bike Mechanics and The Secret

I have been reading 'The Secret' and I noticed something on the news that paralleled with the book.

Cancer surgeon Professor Chris O'Brien lost his battle against a disease he treated so many people for.

He was a hero and champion to many.

It made me wonder if... if his primary thoughts were of the disease did his mind attract this affliction upon him?

Nothing to do with dirt bike mechanics, but here they are:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WR450 Supermoto - Big Boys Toys

Supermoto always seemed strange to me at first.

I was road racing at the time and on practice days I would see these guys on motocross bikes with slicks and thing... "why don't they just get a roadbike?"

I didn't know that they would go offroad for a bit and have jumps and a bit of dirt-track. Then back into corners on the asphalt. Looks pretty cool afterall.

It also reminds me of novelty car races they used to have on wide world of sports where rally drivers would compete against road drivers in a half road half offroad circuit.

Here's a WR450 Supermoto page:

Information on Dirt Bikes

I guess while i'm putting together my website on my own interests there is inevitably going to be a lot of information that will be useful or of interest to someone.

At the moment i'm creating a lot of pages on dirt bikes so for enthusiasts if you're after information on dirt bikes, famous by morning is the place to be:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Building a Supermoto

Why do people want to ride supermoto?

Think about it... the high speed of ripping across asphalt then letting the back-end drift out into a corner... what's that remind you of?

Being a kid! Screaming down your driveway at home and then locking up the back brake to do a big skid across the pathway at the bottom!

Supermoto is just big boy's toy's!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Motocross Track Blueprints

Ive heard of building construction blueprints, bridge blueprints, i've seen road construction blueprints but motocross track blueprints... that's a new one to me.

I guess some people call any type of plans blueprints.

But blueprints are actually... blue.

Being an engineer and having many a times done drafting both manually and on cad... is it ironic that when I setout a motocross track in the paddock I didn't do plans first?

Is that being lazy or just creatively laying the blueprints of the track in my mind?... :P

Friday, June 5, 2009

Build Your Own Motocross Track

I have been lucky enough to have the room on my parents farm to build my own motocross track.

Was just a one line track as I went round and around over the same path, then i approached a developer next door and had some dirt dunped on my site.

A weekend with a bobcat and it even had some jumps!

Need more dirt, more equipment hired and ... more time to do it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cheap Dirt Bike Tires and the Financial Crisis

Race teams change tires every race meet... well the top teams strip down and virtually change the whole bike!

If you race motocross or off-road you'd no doubt know the benefit of new tires, but over $100 a tire you don't want to change them too often.

So what's the compromise? Cheap dirt bike tires.

Where can you get cheap dirt bike tires? Try here for some tips:

Supercross Rider James Stewart on Video

2009 Supercross rider James Stewart won a thrilling season against Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto.

Down to the last race, a promoters dream, but heartbreaking for Reed fans... which I am one of.

My good mate Brendan Bell from MXtv went to L.A. and interviewed some top level riders including supercross rider James Stewart (still with kawasaki):

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Reading The Secret... And Supermoto

What's 'The Secret' got to do with a WR450F Supermoto?

Well nothing really... except in my world.

I was leant a copy of The Secret and have been reading it the past few days.

Of all this time I've been meditating, reading about self discovery and improvement I have never read the Secret.

Hasn't stopped me passing judgement on it of course (an Aquarian trait i've been told).

It's a good read... not too in depth but... comforting is a good word for it.

The link to WR450F Supermoto is... that i've just put this page up:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dirt Bike Screen Print Tee Shirts... What The...

Yes that was the search term and i was struggling to create a page around it... just as I am struggling to write about it for this blog!

Back to some old themes... I haven't really meditated for a while, although I should, but I have kept up the running... I wonder if my joints and bones will hold up?!?!.

Here's the page:

Friday, May 8, 2009

How To Make a Dirt Bike Stand

Some people are just handy with tools and like to make things themselves. My brother is like that... I'd rather just by something ready made or... get my bro to make it!

But if you really want to know how to make a dirt bike stand I drew up a basic plan of a simple stand I had a number of years ago.

I used a cad program at work... it was Friday afternoon... no-one works then :P

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Shift Gears on a Dirt Bike

A lot of people ask how to shift gears on a dirt bike.

I remember when I used to go ride at the local paddock 25 or 30 years ago how some guys thought they looked cool by exagerating their throttle arm rotating down as they sped off the backing off and shifting gears.

Thinking about them now makes me crack up laughing!

Just a bunch of show ponies... the fastest guys were allways the smoothest.

Take a look at what I mean on the video below:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ahhhh The Old 'Imports' Debate Continues...

Some people are hardcore about their dirtbikes. They will ride nothing but quality, the genuine article from one of the big manufacturers like Honda or Suzuki.

With the popularity of any sport or pastime there always comes cheaper versions. Not always as good in quality but another way to enjoy the fun.

Pep Boys dirt bikes are just that - a cheap alternative to mini dirt bikes.

They say "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys". In this case if you pay half the cost then don't expect the same quality, service or back-up of the big brands.

Just have fun... while it lasts :P

Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Build Motocross Jumps

The hardest part about building motocross jumps is GETTING THE DIRT!

I hired a bobcat so that was easy. (Tried using a shovel and that would take forever!). Also I hired the bobcat from a rental centre that gave you Sunday free so I only paid for Saturday.... AND... I did it on a long weekend so I got the Monday free as well!

Back to the dirt...

I was lucky I guess. Next door to my parents place a construction company was excavating for an artificial lake.

So I spoke to the foreman and for a crate of beer (the universal tender) I got three scraper loads of dirt dumped in my dad's paddock!

But if you don't have building works next door there are some other ways to get access to dirt.

Check it out here:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Motocross Track Plans

I've always wanted to build a motocross track in my dad's paddock.

Now I have the opportunity and resources do you think I can find some good layouts or motocross track plans?

I've found a few on google images and have a basic idea of my own, but all those years I've seen layouts in Motocross Action Magazine or on ESPN before a supercross or AMA motocross round... can't remember them...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Building A Motocross Jump

Back to motocross today...

Everyone likes steps and simple rules that can make things easier.

I wanted to build a few motocross jumps in my dad's paddock so I went about measuring the jumps on a few tracks that I liked.

These were a combination of tabletops and double jumps that would send me flying from 10 to 12 metres between ramps (thats about 30 to 40 feet I think).

I was mainly interested in the height and ramp length of the takeoff jump and I found a very basic theme or rule for each.

I've put it on this page:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Elevate the Heartrate With Exercise Not Confusion

Went for a swim today.

Have a 'corked thigh' after a footy practice match on Saturday so no running for a few days.

Felt like my heart has been racing lately so to make best use of it... thought i'd do some exercise... how's that for sound logic :P

Another motocross page, this one from Missis...Misi... Misssi... Southern USA :P

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stop The Noise I Want To Get Off!!!

Sometimes you just yearn for silence.

With all the noise, the chatter, the constant need for conversation, questions, answers, reassurance, acceptance, ownership, blaming, recognition or praise...

Cant we just have some quiet time?

Another motocross page:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Woohoo... Finally a Win!!!

Well to me it is... did a backflip on the trampoline last night... lol

I think they are easier to do than forward flips it's just that they are more intimidatng.

Still make my 'old head' spin even when i've stopped flipping.

Trampolines are a good workout though.

The strange things people search for. This page was created cos people type 'gas mini dirt bikes' into google:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Confirming... Still Not 18 Again...

Further to seemingly harmless foods making me feel ill just because i'm getting older...

My 6 year old daughter "insisting" I do flips on the trampoline doesn't help things.

Although i'm feeling a bit timid... couldn't bring myself to do a back flip... next time

Still adding dirt bike pages... Heres a new page and video on dirt bikes USA:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Like Being 18 Again...

But not in a good way...

Woke up with a headache this morning.

The kind you get when you've done an all night bender, are dehydrated and could have done all number of things to harm yourself through the night then caught the "magic bus" home while wearing the "magic jumper" (just a t-shirt but you feel hot even though temperature is near freezing point).

But... it's just an old man thing probably from eating some dairy products or sugar... how sad... lol

And once again completely off topic... Heres a new page and video on 110cc mini dirt bikes:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh To Be a Yogi

To be a Yogi or an enlightened being you have to transcend the human drama that is our day to day life.

You can manipulate space and time, become the watcher of thoughts and emotions and live a blissful experience.

I have said before that to live, feel, experience and dwell in the highs and lows of human emotion is the fun part of 'living'.

I am ignorant obviously to the blissful experience of being an 'enlightened one', but have said I wouldn't want to reach those levels for fear of missing the 'fun' of life.

But when you get caught up in the depth of the 'lows'.... you Wish you were living in a blissful state awareness...

And once again completely off topic... Heres a new page and video on 50cc mini dirt bikes:

High Days and Low Days

Went for a run at lunchtime.

Was feeling good in my 'skins' and my new asics runners. Was a quiet day at work, no real pressure or hassles to get things done.

Could hear action from the Gran Prix in the background and was getting excited by the thought of going there tomorrow.

Was talking with a friend... nice chat, all was well.

Then they mentioned one thing and my mind started racing, stomach churning...

How fickle can we be and how powerful is the mind.

I wish I had control of it... not it of me...

Heres a new page and video on 50cc dirt bikes:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stifled and Suppressed...

I said yesterday "Meditation is a tool to settle mind and body and let creative thoughts free!" ... and it's free too, so why's it so hard to attain?!?!

Not feeling creative at all right now.

Not feeling... anything

'Un'-comfortably numb...

Heres a video on tips for video lighting:

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Ocean Of Creativity...

The new video on famous by morning today is about scriptwriting.

Which makes me think about where do the ideas come from?

Novelists, songwritiers, scriptwriters and many creative people gather their ideas from the one source.

I call it the 'Ocean of Creativity'.

You may have heard it called the universal consciousness.

When you calm your mind of day to day chatter you feel a freedom.

A freedom to explore your inner thoughts and emotions. Explore without judgemnt or purpose.

Just explore and allow whatever arises to be accepted and not labelled.

Meditation is a tool to settle mind and body and let creative thoughts free!

Heres a video on tips for scriptwriting:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

More of the Same But Somehow... Different

There are a few videos on youtube with filmaking and video tips.

Here's another one.

Different from the last in that Tim Carter was a middle aged, portly gentleman, our presenter this time is a young, enthusiastic good looking... gotta hate him... fella.

The tips are presented in an entertaining way (i'm sure just as much fun for those making the video) and are a great example of how to present yourself or 'animate' yourself when in front of the camera.

Heres a video by some young punk (:P) on making videos:

More 'How-To'...

Still on the 'how-to' line of videos.

This time it's a little different.

Tim Carter has been making vidoes for instructional purposes and television programs and decided to share his 'how-to' skill with video makers.

Basic info but it is always good to get a fresh perspective on how to do it.

Heres a video by Tim Carter with his twist on making videos:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cool... More Macgyver"isms"

Now if Macgyver did make this he's have it as a soft projectile firing platform that would render the baddies harmless without actually hurting them!

But it's actual intention is for filmmaking.

Have you seen those shots of the actors walking along the street in conversation?

The 'track dolly' is one way to film them as they move along.

Heres a video on another cheap solution to give you 'pro' like results:

Back To Video How To...

Poor audio, poor lighting... poor audio, poor lighting...

What are two things that can ruin a video production?

Take a guess... no really go on...

Heres a video on a cheap solution to give you 'pro' like results:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There's a MacGyver In All Of Us

When I first started making video productions I didn't have a lot of money to spend on 'pro-like' equipment, but I still wanted to make my video's look like pruductions I'd see on t.v.

So i'd study what was required from film books and magazines and then try and mimic it at a pittance of the cost.

Lights from hardware stores with phtographic gels to adjust colour temperature, fabric from material stores as background for filming or chromakey.

So when I found this video it resonated with me. Great minds think alike so take a look and make better videos :)

Fast and Slow... Fast and Slow

Not what you're thinking... it's about video editing:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Did The Earth Shake For You?

Was sitting at my desk at work and the pot plant started swaying in front of me.

Then i noticed my desk shaking and felt it in my legs.

Now if I lived in L.A. maybe i'd just continue to sip on my soy latte and sigh, but here in Melbourne it's a big deal...

I hope no whales are beaching themselves somewhere nearby.

Ok, it's my blog so I can be as consistant or erratic as I like... Here's a new page on filming techniques. Finished with dirtbikes for now:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is It Your Time of Month?

I had someone say to me that 'just as women have a monthly cycle, so can men'.

hmmmm... what was he trying to tell me???

Well he didn't mean physiological changes. He was referring to emotional states. How you can go through a period of high motivation and then a few weeks later be so down that you can't think straight, everything is a problem and there is no silver lining to the clouds above.

While this can also be bodily changes brought on by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, the lunar cycle or a general state of health and fitness, it can just be your mind playing games with you.

Meditation is a way to calm and transcend the mind and conscious thoughts.

When all seems to be going crazy around you it's time to look within and find the answers.

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Didn't Run, But Will Exercise My Mind...

Been packing, taking rubbish to the tip and cleaning.

Didn't get a chance to run, but i'll make some time to meditate.

Exercise my mind and take a step closer to a 'higher intelligence'.

Starting to recognise my achievements for myself as well as the fact that the pace I move at is unique for me. I know I will get the results I desire, but need to allow higher forces to determine the order in which they come.

And I am finally at ease with that :)

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pack and Run...

guess what i'm still doing today...

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Run and Pack

Went for a run this morning... I think it's the thought of wearing 'skins' the draws me to it... they feel so... so... nevermind, anyway

packing at the moment as we sold our house.

I'm typing this blog with the keboard on my lap, mouse on a speaker and the monitor on top of a shelf so I have to strain my neck to see what i'm doing.

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Nothing of Note...

That's right, can't think of anything significant or worthy to write about today.

That just makes this a blatant plug for the webpage below...

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Motivation And Positive Energy Are Fickle Things

Emotion or as some put it 'E' motion...

Energy in motion. Doesn't say whether it's positive or negative just that it's there all the time.

We are all in a constant state of energy and it seems most of us have the capacity for (or maybe it's easier to manifest) negative energy than positive.

I read something today, seemingly small and insignificant, but it was enough to sway my mood. It reminded me of a time past that i miss...

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are You Too Hard On Yourself?

Do you evaluate yourself by standards that you wouldn't expect others to uphold?

Are you critical of your progress to the detriment of your motivation and enhancement?

I realised that... I am. Sometimes waaaay too hard on myself that it paralyses any forward momentum.

Gotta keep an eye on that.

I said yesterday "I'll try and do it tonight and find a way to do it at work during the day"... I sat up in bed and maditated for an hour before laying down to sleep.

Seemed to work :)

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Monday, March 2, 2009

What's Blocking Me?

I wanted to meditate today... intended to meditate today but...

Usual story. What's blocking me?

I'm not saying my meditating is the 'be all and end all' of my personal growth or problems, but it is a piece of the puzzle.

I'll try and do it tonight and find a way to do it at work during the day...

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Push Push Push... But There's More...

Another run today... once again the mind doubts what the body can do!

And it is said that the mind rules the body, i'm definite proof of that.

Early in the run, up and down a few hills my pace slowed, felt a few niggles and was tepted to take the short way home.

Then once I near the end of the run my pace almost doubles and you can amost hear in the air the words:

"Run Forest Run!"

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Friday, February 27, 2009

Who Set's The Pace?

Why do some people achieve something quicker than others?

With seemingly the same amount of effort, time, desire and resources two people come to different conclusions and different results.

But you know what? If you judge yourself against another, try to match their pace or even outstrip their achievements you are carrying the wrong mindset.

What matters is you, your goals and your level of satisfaction measured against a realistic and achievable outcome for you.

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Who Loses The Most From Unfilled Potential?

What do you do when you can feel it inside.

It's like a caged animal, restrained animal power that if unleashed, has unlimited potential.

How frustrating it can feel at times to be unable to activate, access or even reach what you know deep down is your potential or even more so... your destiny.

Unlocking unlimited potential, supreme intelligence and unfulfilled desires... how's that for a target for 2009!?! :P

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pain Is Weakness Leaving Your Body...

Was given a quote by a friend once:

"Pain Is The Weakness Leaving Your Body"

Well I wish it would hurry up and go!

Went for a run this morning and my left butt cheek is still saying to me "owwwwwww"

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Time... Who Has Time?

Why does there never seem to be enough time for anything?

Is the obstacle within myself or are external forces conspiring to block me?

Or is that just another excuse?

Talking about meditation again... I can imagine it to be a path to higher learning, but just setting off on the journey is full of false starts...

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Meditation And Motocross... The Two Finally Meet

Two of my favourite topics for the moment came together today.

I have a question on one of my pages:

The question was asked "i get very nervous during a race which makes me have bad starts , so how do i stop this?"

The answer is to concentrate, focus on the task at hand.

Then it hit me... he needs to meditate.

I heard a top rider of the late 80's, early 90's Jean-Michel Bayle say that being pumped up and agitated is not the state you want to be in before you start a motocross race.

So discovering a calmness or stillness within is vital to perform at your optimum!

Meditation and motocross... has a nice ring to it dont you think? :P

Click here for Jeremy McGrath's former trainer and master coach Gary Semics tips on motocross:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Meditation For Children

Well it's not really for children, i'm the one doing the meditating, but I have found a 'bonus' to my meditating.

My daughter is quite lively. So when it comes time for bed it can be difficult (to say the least) to get her to quiet down and sleep.

She is 6 so we are not talking about a baby or toddler, but a very precocious young lady... :P

Finding time to meditate has been an issue for me... I may have mentioned it once or twice... so if I sit by my daughters bed and start meditating, I find she goes to sleep in no time!

Bonus!!! lol

Here the boys from MXtv give you a tip on braking a dirtbike on the trail:

Friday, February 20, 2009

No Time or Being Too Hard On Myself?

Busy at work, too tired at home...

Matbe I get in five minutes of meditation a day... Is that enough and i'm just being too hard on myself?

I didn't add any web pages the last few days so I did 3 today.

Also found some videos by Gary Semics. Old but great stuff

Here the boys from MXtv give you a tip on hill climbing:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Phone Calls and Riding Tips

Speaking to dad at the moment, he sounds positive which is great!

Here the boys from MXtv give you a tip on race changes:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reflexology... Another "Ology"

Had a 'reflexology' session in the afternoon.

Apparently your whole body can be accessed through your feet... no wonder i smell :P

A very nice, calming older Chinese lady named Jessie comes to our workplace and with skillful hands sends you off to another place altogether.

I yawned the rest of the afternoon!

Here the boys from MXtv test a quadbike from Honda:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Get A Grip

Here MXtv's riding expert, Aussie champ Lee Hogan gives a dirtbike set-up tip that can help reduce blisters and arm pump:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

No Time To Meditate.... Again

I have read that if you can't find time or forget something important it can be a deeply embedded emotional block that is impeding your progress or personal growth.

I believe that. And it is a trait I'm am trying to... and finding difficult to rid from my (for want of a better word) character.

Just like when I went over 30 days in a row writing articles to post online with ease, now I find myself stagnate and without motivation.

But am I or is my sub-conscious mind making that my reality???

Hmmmm... time to fight back!

Here MXtv's riding expert, Aussie champ Lee Hogan gives a training tip to help you jump your way through rythym sections:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy Day... Never Time To Meditate

Seem to be finding myself extremely busy lately. Not meditating as I dont seem to have the time.

You know something... that is exactly when I should be meditating.

Using meditation to slow down the manic pace of life, or more to the point, slow down the manic pace of the mind!

So an effort is to be made. Not that tough, but needs to be made.

And for a change of topic completely...

Here MXtv's riding expert, Aussie champ Lee Hogan gives a training tip to help your cornering in ruts:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Figure 8's For Dirtbikes

Here MXtv's riding expert, Aussie champ Lee Hogan gives a training tip to help your cornering:

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Motocross Riding Tips

My good buddy Brendan Bell of MXtv is putting together a quality digital show on cable tv.

I have to admire him for one thing...

He is doing what he loves!

Brendan used to work for an insurance company in debt collection but his real love was motocross.

He had an idea to put together Australia's first motocross television show.

He was put on to me when he heard about a video I put together. He needed someone to film and edit the show.

Brendan is a great guy and we've since become good friends.

Do what you love and the rest will follow...

Here MXtv's riding expert, Aussie champ Lee Hogan gives a pro-secret on line selection:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

House Still Standing But 49 People Died

The bushfires are still raging here in Victoria and on the good side... my parents house is still standing.

Touch wood the fires burn themselves out soon.

Unfortunately many people were unprepared for the verocity of the fires and were caught in their cars trying to flee.

Sincerest sympathies to family and friends who have lost love ones...

Back to motocross and dirtbike videos:

Friday, February 6, 2009

Scorcher Of A Day, Is The House Still Standing?

Been another scorcher of a day here. Hottest on record I think they said on the news.

Was a bit hard to concentrate at the time though as they were showing images of raing bushfires very, VERY close to where I grew up.

So close in fact I rang my mum. She was given only 10 minutes to get anything out of her home before clearing the area.

She is staying with my sister tonight and as my dad is still in hospital I don't know the current state of my childhood home... At least the most important people are safe.

Here is part 11, the final video in the 'How to Meditate' series:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mind Defeats Body... Finally

Another running tale, but it's current and topical :P

I went for a run today. Had a break of a week and a half so as usual at the start I was wondering if i'd keep going.

And midway through (we are only talking about 3 to 4 k's) I started to develop a stitch on my right side.

Thoughts of stopping ran through my mind, but for once, and to my surprise, I told myself to run through it.

And I did...

Usually it's my mind that gives in before my body.

Thinking of the Rocky song now "Getting Strongerrrrrrrrr!!!"

Here is part 10 in the 'How to Meditate' series:

Monday, February 2, 2009

How Powerful Can One Become?

Continual meditation... sucessful meditation is about discovering the self. Gaining awareness, understanding and knowledge of all fabric of the universe.

Becoming apart of the universal consciousness is like one drop of the ocean being connected to the whole.

It has been witnessed that those who have achieved enlightenment (achieved full knowledge of the self and thus returned to the source) can manipulate cells, atoms, time and space!

How cool is that? Just from sitting and deeply and consciously sleeping!!!

Now that's something I can get in to!!!

Here is part 9 in the 'How to Meditate' series:

Never Eat Airline Food Again!!!

My father is receiving radiation therapy at the moment to try and diminish cancer cells that have invaded other areas of his body.

In a perfect world I would have mastered meditation, discovered the way to manipulate the fabric of space and time, alter cells and transfer sickness from the frail body to my own...

It's peculiar... how a love for one person can be so strong that you would be willing to trade their pain for your health... but never actually say the words out loud.

Are the words meaningless without action? Are the words even necessary?

This blog has gotten a bit melancholy i think so...

How about free travel worldwide?

Sounds cool doesn't it. Well part 8 of the series on how to meditate is at the end of the link below and it is getting exciting!

Now you get to the stage where you feel movement of your astral body. And then...


Here is part 8 in the 'How to Meditate' series:

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Got To Get Back To Running...

I say that a lot... "Got to get back to..."

It is one of my "patterns" that I'm learning about in my journey of self discovery.

I've said it before with my video hobby, running and even this website. I start to do a task with the best intentions and a great committment initially then lose motivation, interest or passion.

It is apparently my 'sub-conscious programming' to not succeed, not appear successful because successful people are aggressive. I want to appear passive.

A pattern imbedded in me from childhood. A pattern I'd like to and am making conscious efforts to break.

Growth is about learning and changing, if we don't grow we stagnate and die.

Meditation is another thing i'd like to stick at and become successful doing.

Here is part 7 in the 'How to Meditate' series:

Oh The Pain... lol

Not going to blog much tonight... got a bad case of "Wii" elbow... :P

Here is part 6 in the 'How to Meditate' series. Here we move beyond the "Third Eye" and see sensational visions:

Friday, January 30, 2009

Still Hot... Still Meditating, Calming The Mind...

How you ever tried NOT to think for a moment?

Seems like the hardest thing in the world sometimes.

I tell my son we have two ears and one mouth so that's a sign that he should do more listening and less talking... doesn't work in practice.

Seems the mind can't stop it's chatter. What's it trying to cover up? What is it afraid that we will find?

Both good questions and ones i'm aiming to get to the bottom of!

Check out part 5 in the 'How to Meditate' series. Here we learn about the "Third Eye":

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Middle Of A Heatwave and Transcending The Mind

Another 40 degree day coming up and I kind of went for that run.

Football training on Wednesday night and we ran to the beach. That was pretty good and I copped the nickname "whiteman"... maybe because of the absolute complete lack of a tan??!!??...

Back to meditation.

I'm actually getting used to the posture of sitting for meditation... or at least my knees are. It's hard to focus but not focus, concentrate without concentrating and ignoring thoughts while allowing them to happen.

But i'll keep at it.

Check out part 4 in the 'How to Meditate' series:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heatwave Coming Up

Looking at 40 degrees celcius tomorrow and possibly the next few days.

Should I run in the heat or not?

hmmmmm... then again... not with my pasty white skin!

Check out the next in the series of meditation, getting interesting :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Meditation and a 'Nerd Day' Coming Up...

I'm new to meditation myself and I have only occasionally found the 'no thought' state that is required.

At times it can be frustrating and others refreshing.

I look forward to getting more of a handle on it as I believe through deep meditation we can have great powers and potential.

Powers of creativity, powers of healing and powers of insight and intuition.

The power to heal others is obviously foremost in my mind at the moment...

That and this coming Saturday... I mean 8 hours of Battlestar Galactica followed by the most recent episode direct by satelite. How cool is that??!!??

Well... is to me :P


Sunday, January 25, 2009

A series On Meditation

Spiritual reality takes you on a journey within yourself.

To watch and listen to this video is in itself relaxing as you breathe and calm your mind.

Through the practice of meditation we travel on the path of harmony, good health, inner peace and blissful contentment.

In this video the narrator speaks of 'Cosmic Energy'. This is often also referred to as universal consciousness. The activities of meditation and deep relaxation can help to draw this energy to you and revitalize your being.

On a personal note I wish this for my Dad. A week of radiation therapy has left him drained and in need of some of the life healing properties of cosmic energy.

Please send your positive thoughts and vibrations to my Dad... Thankyou :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Meditation - A New Video

Just today I found an excellent video on meditation (link below).

The simple narration and graphics explains so well some of the basics of meditation.

I have read a number of book by yogis and other buddhist masters of meditation that over complicate the process.

After viewing this first video it had me saying "ahhhhh that's what it means!"

Many beginners to meditation say the same thing "I just cant stop myself thinking" or "there's is too much going on I can't get calm" and those thoughts of trying to achieve, trying NOT to think do exactly the opposite.

In the end they get frustrated and give up.

As the video says.... Just Relax... focus on the breath and just relaaaaaax...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inspirational Video... And a Funny Story

On a positive note, the latest page I put on the site is a video of Randy Pausch.

He was a lecturer in the US who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his last lecture to his students and collegues was filmed.

He discusses in an upbeat and positive way how we can live our life and fulfill or dreams. A very good watch.

On a lesser note:

Have you heard the saying "Does a bear s#!t in the woods?"... Well i know of this guy who was running and found halfway through his trip he had to do that thing that bears do in the woods!

Running along the beach, thankfully no houses or people around a decision was made.
To drop drawers and commune with nature!

Problem number two (pardon the pun) was that there was nothing soft around to wipe after the event...

Embarassment number two was using the sea to cleanse ones backside... then to look up an see a yacht moored in the bay!!!! DOH!

Then running home with tail well an truly between the legs...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's Better Than Finding Your Limits?

What's Better Than Finding Your Limits? Exceeding them!

I was running what I thought was 5 k's on my holidays but the location was so nice to look at and i was being distracted from what I was doing that I would actually run up to 10 kilometers on some runs.

I didn't know I could do that... or at least my mind kept telling me i couldn't.

It's will surprise you sometimes what you are capable of.

Oh damn... ran out of time for the embarassing story...

Next time... :P

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back From The Beach... or "Life's a Beach and then you... Blog"

Back to my once a day routine.

An article, a link, a webpage (see below) and a blog.

Did I run on the beach?

Did I find ispiration?

Do I feel refreshed?

Will I continue on my path?

Yes... yes... yes and ... yes.

Have a funny story about one of the runs I went on. Will save that for next time

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking a Break

Back to work next week so i'm gonna take a holiday off my 'Once a Day' routine.

I have been writing an article, adding a page to my website, getting an incoming link and writing to this blog once a day for the past month.

It's an effort to get a routine that's manageable, but still worth some value.

Heading to the beach so i'll see if a week of running on the sand will do me any good (and whether I actually do it!)

Also need some inspiration for new articles so clearing the mind may make way for some fresh ideas.

Here's a page I just put up on the 2009 Suzuki RMZ250.

I like bikes that aren't too potent so us novice riders can push the engine harder for longer:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Blast From the Past

Went roller skating this morning. Took my kids to a place I used to go to when I was 12 or 13 years old... that was 26 years ago!

Hasn't changed at all and I realised I was even wearing a similar jacket today I used to wear back then and I spent a bit of time in the video games area so... seems I haven't changed much either.

On a different note, i've always been a Honda fan and I like the review on the CRF250 below.

The twin exhausts look hot!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lazy Days and Dirtbikes

Not much goin on today.

Selling the house so had to clear out twice for people to go through it.

The things you put up with when you have a 'For Sale' sign on you front fence... Just had some people walk up the side of our place and peek over the fence... I mean, wouldn't you normally call the Police if that happened?

Wrote another article, put up another page (link below) so been watching videos on dirtbikes and getting the urge to drag mine out of the garage... well the garage at my brothers house anyway.

Take a look at a video on the new Suzuki RMZ 450... now electronic fuel injection is on dirtbikes!!! what next, hybrid or electric dirtbikes??? Actually i read that KTM is testing...

Yogi's and Shopping and Walking Into Doors

Still reading 'Autobiography of a Yogi' (nearly 600 pages!) and at times I wonder about one thing in particular.

The need to 'honour' or 'glorify' a master, guru or God... God-like figure.

I mean, to me God (be it the figure head of religions or the sea of consciousness) is all knowing, all loving, humble and gentle being. Even reading about the Swami's and Yogi's in India it seems to translate to followers "giving" themselves to their master's and guru's.

It is said as a sign of faith and ultimate belief, but I feel that such a figure in this position would discourage that and show themselves more as an equal... I'll keep thinking about it and express what I mean more fully next time.

Went to the shops to get some new clothes for myself while taking the kids along... walked out with a new bike, some rock candy, 3 krispy kreme donuts and... dang no pants for me!

Just walked into a glass door at the neighbours... felt too stupid to feel the pain until i got home!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mr Mom, and More Running

Amusing, seperating and feeding 6 kids... ok conquered that one, bring on the next challenge!

So I went for a run with a mate.

Same 5k's, same block, same hills... I was confident I'd go alright.

So what do I do at about the 3 quarter mark at the top of the last hill?

I stop running and walk for 10 metres!

I mean what is it with my mental fitness if I can complete a run without stopping on my own but when with a running partner I give in?

Does that mean I rely on others too much? I shouldn't go into business with a partner?

Will have to think about that...

If anyone's reading, what do you think?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Running Epiphany

Went for a run today... actually in the afternoon (slept in this morning :P).

Was a bit hot today so left it as late as I could and set off at about 5:00pm.

To avert the previous mindgames I carried a small bottle of water which ended up distracting me in another way as I spent half my time swapping it from hand to hand.

Needless to say, it was in the bin before the mid way point.

My run course comprises of a mid grade but kind of long hill (about 1 km) to test my mental strength more than anything. But I dont mind hills as you can see the top.

Problem came as I rounded the corner at the top of the hill... into a headwind!

Have I told you I hate headwinds (be it riding or running).

I dont mind hills as you can see the obstacle and confront it head-on. Also most of the time you can see the end or goal.

Headwinds are this invisible force trying to slow you down or hold you back and it is RELENTLESS in it's imapct...

Then came my 'epiphany'...

Headwinds are like sub-conscious blockages!

The unforseen forces that try to knock you off your path.

Well... that's what I got out of it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meditation For Beginners

Another blog, another topic.

Generally a blog should have a theme, follow a particular line of thinking that will attract readers and give them a sense of certainty and eagerness to return.

My blog follows a line of thinking... unfortunately, it is MY line of thinking.

That is jumping from topic to topic. Not always sticking through to the end of a subject and being easily distracted by something shining over to the side.

Today... we don't have running, video or becoming famous.

We have a new page on famousbymorning on meditation.

It is topical to me, particularly with what I have just written about, as it is all about calming the mind.

I found a better video post on meditation for beginners by Jane by the embedding link is turned off.

This one is lighthearted tho so an interesting watch:

C...C... Canon... There I Said It, Canon HV30 That is

I have been doing a little homework on a new camcorder and although I'm kinda set on a Sony there is a rival in the reviews.

The Canon HV30 has been popping up as a serious competitor for the particular Sony model I am interested in.

Dare I say it has even been getting better reviews in the performance stakes. But i'm Sony loyal so I will most likely go down that path.

Oh and on my running... this morning I ripped it on my final third of the run! Was kinda... just a little... well... VERY sluggish for the first two thirds of the run.

Rolled my ankle on the edge of a path 50metres into it and almost used that as an excuse to go back home.

Maybe i'm changing my thinking... hmmmmm

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Running and Karma Yoga

Finally got a bit of strength back after the bought of food poisoning so I went for a run this morning.

My usual five kilometres and it took me about 30 minutes. I've worked out that for me it's more of a mind game.

The middle third of my run is always the slowest and the feelings of joint paint the most prevalent as I'm at the point of thinking "should I keep running or walk for a bit?"

I never have those thoughts at the beginning (a spring in my step) or near the end (a desperate sprint/stumble towards my goal).

So I try to direct my thoughts to the practice of 'karma yoga', the concentrated thought of physical effort...

Works for a while then i think about me knee, shin, or groin again :P

But like Rocky i'm "Getting Strongerrrrrrr!"

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lessons Of A Yogi & Tony Robbins

I have to admit for nearly 38 years I have been ignorant to the ways of personal development, self discovery and self realisation.

Even being of the Catholic religion I was unaware of the paralells, the subtle messages and spiritual links within the bible and the writings of saints and spiritual leaders of all religions.

I even thought that no religion was the same and each thought they are the "true" one to follow.

From my limited studies I get the sense that man has caused and allowed to perpetuate the divide between religions when they all appear to come from the same foundation:

Not allowing the easily influenced mind control our thinking and attempt to return to our 'core' or 'pure essence'.

This is our most God like state and the path of enlightenment.

Even life coaches like Tony Robbins look at a persons sub-conscious programming to access how and why they react to certain situations.

While not on the level of a yogi the principles start to converge.

What The New Year Holds

I know some people who believe that what happens on the first day of a new year fortells the rest of the year... ummmm that has me a little bit worried!

A mild case of food poisoning has had me sitting on the toilet many MANY times over the last couple of days.

But on the upside it has given me a chance to do a bit of reading.

And my current book of choice "Autobigraphy of a Yogi".

I'll update you as I continue my 'meditations on the throne' :P