Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anywhere online you can get a copy of atkins diet

Copy of atkins diet can be found online, but it is basically a four phase, initial carbohydrate reduction diet.

Phase 1 - To put it plainly, is a low carb, no alchohol, minimal caffeine, lots of meats and lots of water.

Phase 2 - Each week of this phase, the diet increase the carbohydrate level by 5 grams by adding one more food from the hierarchy. The hierarchy is a carb ladder list.

Phase 3 - Almost at the final stage and your goal weight so this is where you add carbs to the point that you stop losing weight which tells you to back off a bit.

Phase 4 - Is where you continue and maintain your weight. Reduce carbs if your weight goes back on, but basically it's about good eating which it should be anyway.

You can get the book or find yourself a copy of atkins diet but, ultimately, it all comes back to your mental attitude. You are your thoughts and if your thoughts lead you to poor food choices, poor lifestyle decisions or poor financial options you wont run at your optimum potential.

If you click on the link below you will discover more about ways to improve your weight, financial status, health as well as relationships from your mental choices... if you are willing to that is.

To offer your own thoughts on this topic or personal experience that may help another learn about a copy of atkins diet click below:

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