Sunday, November 6, 2011

Inspirational Quotes can be Your Mental Energy Boosters!

I'll admit that there have been many times I was cynical about inspirational quotes.

"Who needs that sort of thing, what a load of over hyped rhetoric!" or "inspiration comes from within... I can motivate myself... if I really wanted to".

But I slowly began to realise that my own cynicism, my stubbornness and to put it frankly my own bull headedness was the barrier to achieving long held desires or goals.

Being open to well meaning suggestions, instruction and the reading of words in the form of inspirational quotes are all part of the package that fuels the engine of your efforts to achieve and grow.

Here's a couple of quotes, ones to me i'd call inspirational quotes as they serve a specific need for a particular mood at different times.

When my energy reserves are low and motivation is needed I like to read this inspirational quote:

"When you're at your best you're unbeatable! But even when you're a little off your best it's still possible to excel. Not all triumphs are accomplished in a triumphant frame of mind. Some of the finest achievements in history came when people felt they were struggling and wasting their time. The doubt you feel is natural but not relevant. YOU HAVE A MISSION TO CARRY OUT! Remember, you will always have strong spiritual support from within."

It reminds me that no matter what may be happening to at least keep the feet moving, the pen writing or the fingers typing. Something good is just around the corner.

I have another inspirational quote I Like but I'll save that for my next post... feeling hungry, time to make some lunch!

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