Sunday, November 27, 2011

Motivation, Self-Esteem and Just Getting Things Done...

It's a vicious trio that can often get us down and stop us from getting where we really want to be.

If your energy is low you don't feel good about yourself and can't be bothered doing tasks you know you ought to get to.

So you have no motivation and without motivation how do you get yourself out of this 'slump'?

So... little energy, little motivation and little self-esteem translates to little or no progress.

With the ebbs and flows of life it's inevitable that our cycle will include some down time. But how do we stop these moments from halting any of the momentum that may have begun?

I like to use a concept that I developed while riding my bike. A 21 speed mountain bike means there are not too many inclines where I wouldn't be able to pedal. So I would keep telling myself "no matter how steep or how tired i get, just keep pedalling. Drop a gear and JUST KEEP PEDALLING!"

SO when motivation is low, self-esteem is waning or your energy needs a boost, just keep pedaling!

Do something no matter how minimal it seems as it will lead to something. Something small or something profound... something minor or something great... JUST KEEP PEDALLING!

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