Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Right Inspirational Quotes Can Be Just the Kick You Need

The second of my favoured inspirational quotes was something i read in a Sunday paper horoscope.

What made me take notice of it was the fitting way it seemed to match my character.

Inspirational quotes can prompt you to look at yourself in not only a critical manner, but also a light hearted way. That is how I read this one:

"Is your energy at a low ebb? Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on a matter you know you should be attending to?

Maybe there's too much duty and not enough good old fashioned fun in your life. There's no getting away from the need to do what you know you must, but that's all the more reason to feel entitled to some compensation.

You're tempted to do something daring, different, novel or even slightly naughty. This isn't necessarily the wicked waste of time you're so prone to see it as. It may be the vital tonic you need.

If you take any situation too seriously you'll miss the magic (and the opportunity) it has to offer."

These last two inspirational quotes I like especially as they advise you to still move forward but to not take things too seriously or even be so hard on yourself.

So often we paralyse our progress by viewing a lack of concentration, slow progress or the desire to do something else that is more fun as meaning we are doing the wrong thing.

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