Monday, November 7, 2011

Have you Heard of a Job Search Meditation?

Job search and meditation... why are those two terms even in the same sentence?

If you are currently in the meddle of searching for a new job, thinking about changing jobs or just looking for something better, this may just be the best opportunity of your life!

No this is not a get rich quick scheme, some too good to be true offer or a hidden advertisement. What I am talking about is the opportunity to find true happiness, to find your vision, to find your true mission and purpose!

I use the term meditation for times of focus and deep contemplation. Forget the images of a guru swami floating blissfully, you can meditate while you sit in a chair, walk the dog, swim laps in a pool, sit on the toilet or run around the block.

Your job search meditation means that you are focussing on what makes you happy, what you do well and of these things combined, what you can earn a living doing.

Within your meditation you can live out the experience and decide if you want to go through with it, what are the next steps and what is your ultimate goal.

What started as a job search could end up as a 'self search'.

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