Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diet Tips Fix the Symptoms, But Shouldn't You Look For the Cause?

Ask anyone around you and you are bound to get a multitude of diet tips!

From "don't eat after 7pm at night" to "no carbs, just protein and salad" or "try the Dukan diet... the 3 day diet... the Dr Oz diet...". Each of these, and other diet tips will have its merits if researched and properly applied, but it is vital that you ask yourself one question... Why?

Why do you struggle with my weight? Why do you have so little impulse control or what is the real reason you eat?

Is it emotional reasons to drown out a "feeling" or is it a sub-conscious habit that you aquired a long time ago? Is it boredom, is it stress, is it fear, is it celebration?

Before you look to diet tips to cover a problem that exists now, look to the root of the problem so that it doesn't just become a 'bandaid' fix.

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