Friday, November 4, 2011

What inspirational life quote works for you?

An inspirational life quote is something quite personal. While it could be something you share with many people, it could very well be something that only speaks to you.

My personal favourite came to me as I was reading 'Running From Safety' by Richard Bach. More like when I read it, it reached out of the page and slapped me in the face!

In essence it's about a man struggling with the 9 to 5 grind. Feeling like he was stuck in a rut and the oppression of having to rely on someone else for a living. When Richard expressed to his work colleagues he'd like to quit and work for himself they all said "No!!! You can't leave the security of a steady paycheck".

That actually spurred him on to leave his job, as the following thoughts popped into his head:

"No I thought. Don't tell me that my security comes from somebody else! Tell me I'm responsible. Tell me my security is a by-product of my skill and my learning and my love into the world. Tell me security comes from an idea given time and care. I claim this for my truth, no matter how many stable, solid paychecks come from the accounting department of General Dynamics. Dear God, I thought, don't give me a job, give me ideas and let me take it from there!"

Richard Bach - Running From Safety

I have written this down in a notepad I keep with me at all times. The only change is where Richard mentions General Dynamics (his employer at the time) I listed my employer when I read the book.

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