Friday, November 18, 2011

Ten Techniques for Relaxation - Mind and Body, Heart and Soul

Thinking, internal conversations, monkey chatter, anxiety, pressure, stress... whatever you like to call it, it doesn't help in relaxing your mind.

Work, sport, strenuous physical exercise and activities don't help in relaxing your body.

So here are my top ten technique for relaxation:

1. Sleep - plenty of pre-midnight sleep offers relaxation for mind and body. Notes: don't eat heavy foods too close to bed time and write down any thoughts in your head so they don't linger in your mind as you try to sleep.

2. Hot Bath - an excellent way to relax muscles. Add to the bath your favourite sodium carbonate crystals and bliss out for 15 to 20 minutes. (Should probably preceed 1. Sleep).

3. Meditation - sit quietly (a quiet location helps at first) and focus on something like your breath. Allow thoughts to linger but don't analyse them and they will slowly lessen.

4. Walk the Dog - doesn't necessarily have to be with a dog, but I find walking with no real purpose helps clear my mind.

5. Massage - oil relaxation massage until you're almost dazed and drooling...

6. Accupuncture - maybe it's just me but, most times i've had accupuncture i've fallen asleep.

7. Read a Book - an engaging, but not too exciting book.

8. Stretch - stretching lengthens muscles and helps relieve tension.

9. Sit in silence - finding a location that is as devoid of noise as much as possible can be so relaxing on it's own.

10. Music - mellow, melodic, peaceful and inspiring music.

Ten technique s for relaxation - to offer your own thoughts on this topic or personal experience that may help another learn the value of ten technique for relaxation click below:

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