Monday, March 2, 2015

Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

Non Profit Fundraising Ideas - 20 Fun and Easy Ideas to Get More for your Childrens Education!

When the Government grants run out and the school budget can't cover it... It's time to get creative to cover the costs of extras for your kids school.

With two kids from primary school on to high school i've been involved in a lot of school fundraising ideas.

Below is a list of the main ones I remember and the pros and cons of each:

Food Related School Fundraising Ideas

1. Bake Sales - Pros: Good face-to-face communication. Cons: you need people to bake cakes.
2. Chocolates - Pros: Nearly Everyone loves chocolate! Cons: Not so healthy and spent a lot of time walking around the office when I could have been working.
3. Cookie Dough - Pros: mmmm cookie dough! Cons: needs to be refrigerated....

To get all the ideas on fundraising click on the links below:

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